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How To Choose The Ideal Free Dating Sites

There are a dozen free dating sites out there. But are they 100% FREE? Here are some excellent tips which will help you pick out a free dating site with no trouble at all.
Choosing a dating site can be a positive experience, especially if you don't have to worry about high membership fees or hidden charges. Simply put, the site you select should be free, it should have excellent security, it should come well recommended and you should choose one that allows for a current honest profile. Here are some tips to help you select a free dating site online.
Make sure it's really free
There is no reason for you to submit a credit card number or PayPal account information to any dating site that purports to be free. Make sure to review all the agreements and all the regulations before you sign anything on any free dating sites. Pay particular attention to wording that may require you to receive only partial or minimal services unless you 'upgrade your membership’. Up selling is a fact of life in advertising circles, but don't allow yourself to be disappointed when ‘free’ turns out to mean something less than full benefits and privileges of the site. Read the fine print in the agreement so that you know precisely what your obligations are and what the responsibilities of the site are.
Protect your privacy
Whether you choose a free dating site or one that has a paid membership, make sure you select one that allows you to protect your privacy. You should never run the risk of phone numbers or other sensitive information being published openly on the internet.  You should also be aware that many email prospectors pick up email addresses from sites such as these so you may find yourself bombarded with unwanted spam of an explicit nature unless you make sure the dating site allows you to hide your contact information until you choose to make contact.
Security measures built into the dating site that you select should always be top quality.  You need to choose a dating site that allows you to screen out the people you don't want to meet.
Get a recommendation from someone you trust
If someone you know and respect has used a free dating site and has had good results from the site, that's a good recommendation to use it yourself. Good sites that are well run will always be popular sites to join.
Be honest about who you are
Don't pretend to be someone you aren't when signing up for membership at any free dating sites or when preparing a profile. Sometimes friends think it's a great joke to sign up someone else with a completely false persona but it can be extremely annoying to try to stop an unwanted flood of emails. Worse yet, it can develop into a stalker type situation.  If you are underage and trying to pretend to be older just to sound more mature--don't.  Don't assume the other people are being honest either. Complete your profile as you are, not as you would like to be, or that you think will attract the kind of person you want. 
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