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Get To know If The Other Person Is Lying In A Free Online Dating Service

A free online dating service can be a virtual boon as it opens up a world of dating opportunities. However, you need to know if the other person is genuine or not.
The range of free online dating service sites is truly overwhelming these days. You have access to a wide range of potential partners and with so many choices around, it can be difficult to choose which the best person is. Often you don’t even know if the person is faking information or not. Here are some tips to assess if someone is lying or not.
Anonymous people
The good thing about a free online dating service is that it allows you to keep your real identity a secret. This can work both ways. While for one person it can be great, for another person it means he or she never really knows what the real person behind the profile is like. Through pictures and chat conversations, you can get to know what the characteristics of the other person is. However it is never really a substitute for meeting the person in real. Many people use their anonymity to disguise facts about themselves and to portray another picture of themselves just to seek attention. This can be dangerous and if you are not careful, you might be conversing with a potential liar.
If you find someone on a free online dating service that is unnecessarily exaggerating or making unheard of claims, then you know something is suspicious. You need to keep a close watch on the pattern of your conversation with the other person. Check for inconsistencies or inconsistent information. Also be sure to notice claims that just seem too exaggerated to be true. This indicates that the other person is trying to hide something from you and is telling you a lie.
Inconsistent patterns
One other thing that you need to notice is the consistency in the way the other person is conversing with you. For example if you find the person saying one thing one moment and something drastically different the next day, you can be sure something is wrong. When you converse with someone on any free online dating service, be sure to check for these aspects. Make sure to ask the person more questions about where he or she stays, his or her family etc. If you find variations in the story then you know the person is trying to cover up something.
Too reserved
Sometimes you may find a person on a free online dating service who is just not willing to give out any information on the site. If the person keeps covering up vital aspects of his or her profile or does not seem willing to give out any information, then you know the person might be lying to you. If a person is honest and has nothing to hide, they will not hold back information from you.
Your sixth sense
Sometimes all it takes is a little trusting on your gut instincts. If you feel a sense of discomfort or if you get an intuition that the other person is hiding something, be sure to cut off the relationship right away. If the person sends out vibes that seem dishonest or untrue then you know the person is lying.

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