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Building Relationships With Trust – 7 Ways To Do It

Are you looking for ways in building relationships with trust? If you are, here are 7 ways that you may consider.


Most people think that there is a need to keep things refreshing to help keep the relationship alive. However, this may be wrong. Simple events like going to new restaurants every occasionally maybe good, but the simple rule of making the relationship works is to be consistent and the trust being built.

Be Sincere In Your Words

Say what you mean. If you say that you are happy but your facial expression shows a sulky face, your body language does not match what you said. In order to build up trust, your partner must be able to trust what you said and not seeing sighs of untruthful expressions.

Be Confident in Your Partner

Always be confident in the competency of your partner. If you do not believe what he/she can do, you will tend to lose trust. Therefore, be trustful of what your partner can do and this can definitely be good for the development of a loving relationship.

Do Not Keep Secrets At All

Always be truthful and honest with your partner. Keeping secrets will never be good for a relationship. Building relationships with trust must always come with an open mind and be open with each other.

Do Not Let Your Partner Guess

Always be truthful and open and let your partner know what you want. Letting him/her guessing what you need can be a torture. Sometimes it may cause misunderstanding and can be harmful for a relationship. You can sometime be self-centered for your needs. So long as you are not being selfish, it is still acceptable.

Do Not Always Say “YES”

Do not always say “yes” to your partner’s request. As long as you respect each other, occasionally saying “no” may not be a bad decision. This can also build trust as it can ascertain that you can make the right decision.

Always Grow

Like growing a tree which gets bigger over the years, building relationships with trust is the same. As the years gone by, the trust among the two of you should grow too. Both of you may have go through many pains and happiness together but the relationship should grow with the trust both of you have build up gradually.

As long as the two of you are willing to go through the pain in a relationship, both of you will become stronger and build the trust with each other that no one can have except the two of you.

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