How To Get My Ex Back
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How To Get Back With An Ex - Getting and Winning Back Your Ex With My Help      getting back with ex a possibility even if she dumped you
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Getting Back With Ex A Possibility Even If She Dumped You

Are you being dumped by your girlfriend and thinking of getting back with ex. Have no worries. Go through this article below to know more.

Women Are Mostly Fickle Minded

In most of the breakups, the women called off up to 70% of them. At the same time, most of the times, they were also the one who wanted to get back together with their ex again. They were mostly the one who wanted to break up without giving much thought about it and at the end wanted to come back together again.

Figuring Out The Issue Of The Breakup

Understanding the fact that most women are fickle minded when come to a sour relationship, the next thing you need to do is to know and find out what has exactly caused the breakup to happen. Was it because you are too possessive? Then you may need to give her some space. Was it because that you are too bored? Then you need to do things to spice it up. Whatever the reasons, if you really want getting back with ex, you need to counteract the situation to allow making the relationship better. You need to change the situation to make her want you more.

Creating A New You To Make Yourself Attractive Than Before

If you want to win back her heart, you can try to make yourself look good and in a better position in getting her back. For an example, you can try to lose some pounds that you may have gained during the relationship and tone up your muscle. Have a new fresh look by having a good new looking hairstyle. Do not let the breakup put you down and look sloppy by not taking care of your physical appearance. By being confident and still keeping yourself look well, it will show a more mature side of you and being able to handle the breakup well. This can appear as a plus point in getting her back too in seeing your good side of you.

Observing How She React

Having creating a new you that look more confident, you not only have the chance in getting back with ex, you can also be a center of attraction with other girls too. Flirt occasionally with other girls when in social gathering in front of your ex. However, do not overdo it as it may backfire if you really still love your ex. Do it moderately and this can catch her attention. After all, you still have your attraction to girls and your ex is not the only one. This way, your ex may even have second thoughts of the breakup and may want to get back with you again.

How To Know Whether She Still Cares For You

If you happen to be with her and a group of your social circle of friends, see how she re act if someone put you down. Does she still cares a lot for you and standup for you or just ignore you totally? From her reaction, you can know whether still loves you.

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