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How To Get Back With An Ex - Getting and Winning Back Your Ex With My Help      how to get boyfriend back after realizing it was all misunderstanding
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How To Get Boyfriend Back After Realizing It Was All Misunderstanding

Wondering how to get boyfriend back after you have dumped him because of a misunderstanding? If you are being dumped, you may be in a more difficult position to get back with an ex. However, if you are the one who have dumped him, below is an example that you can look into to help you win back his heart.

As an example, you may have dumped your boyfriend because of a jealous friend who have been carrying tales about your ex boyfriend sleeping around. In a fit of anger, you confronted him even without listening to his explanation. Later, you found out that your friend actually created those rumors out of jealousy which is not true at all. You realized your mistake and wonder how to get boyfriend back.

You Do Not Know What To Do

In such situation when you broke up with your ex boyfriend because of a misunderstanding, you feel embarrassed and want to save face but at the same time wanted very much to win back your ex boyfriend. So, what should you do? How should you go about resolving this problem in a mature way and yet able to win back his heart? You can approach him directly and try to explain everything. Apologize to him as you are definitely in the wrong. If he feels disappointed because you do not trust him, give him time, as it is not easy to resolve the problem overnight. Below are some additional things you can do to try to win back his heart.

Write A Long Letter

What you can do next is to write a long letter to your ex boyfriend. Explain and apologize to him again and you realized it was stupid of you to have acted this way and not trusting him. Talk about all the good times both of you enjoyed together and you do not hope to lose the happy times when both of you are together. Try to explain it really hurts to think that he is cheating behind your back (which did not happen) and you have acted this way and broke up with him because you really love him. Apologize again that you really do not have the intention not to trust him, just that you have acted this way because you love him too much and cannot control yourself and make that decision in a fit of anger, only to find out it was a misunderstanding created by a jealous friend. Explain that hurts you even more after finding out the truth and you really want him back and hope that he can forgive you and give the relationship another chance.

What You Should Do After Sending The Above Mail

After sending him the mail as written above, do not even try to call or text him non-stop. Give him time and space to figure out the problem. This can at least show your maturity and the change in you in resolving the problem and not behaving like the way you did in the breakup.

What You Should Do When You Do See Him

Next, if you happen to see him and wonder how to get boyfriend back, you should talk to him like a casual friend and casually mentioned all those good memories you had together with him and how you miss those beautiful times. You do not have to apologize any more as this is already taken care by the long letter you sent to him.

By following the above simple strategies, you will definitely be able to win back your ex boyfriend heart. Be patient and care for him and it will definitely pay off.

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