How To Get My Ex Back
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How To Get Back With An Ex - Getting and Winning Back Your Ex With My Help      how to get him back after a break up relationship
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How To Get Him Back After A Break Up Relationship

You have just broken up with your boyfriend and wonder how to get him back. You may have tried many ways to catch his attention but with no success. If you have been doing things like pleading, begging and promising your ex that you will change for the better, then it is time for you to re think what you have done so far. Such childish behavior not only will not help save the relationship, it may even scare him away. If you have been doing all the above, stop immediately.

Be Matured When Handling The Broken Relationship

If you think back carefully and wondering how to get him back, you should come to realize that whatever you have done might seem to be childish or scheming. If you think that calling him frequently or appearing in front of him whether in the malls, pubs or movies could help to catch his attention, then you could be wrong. In fact, guys hate girls to pester them and such behavior definitely spell disaster for a possibility of a get back together again. If you really want your ex back, then you should stop all these behavior before scaring him away.

Doing The Unexpected

Instead of doing all the regular things which looks childish, do the unexpected.  If you have been calling him more than 10 times a day, stop it. Do not call him if you have no reason to do so. Instead, you may drop him a call occasionally and check how he is doing. Just mention small things to him like you still miss him and you just want to make sure he is OK. Keep the conversation short and simple and move on. This will put your ex in suspense and he may start to miss you. He may even realize the mature side of you in handling the break up and this can be an added advantage in helping you in getting back together again. Handling the break up this way will be much better than the pestering kind of method which can also be annoying and irritating.

However, if he starts to question you about the call, just politely mention to him that you just miss him and end the call with a good note. Do not start any kind of argument again and control your emotion.  
Additional Things You Can Do

Other ways of how to get him back is to do simple things like sending him a card mentioning that you still miss him. You can send him a note through the email. Just one email will do and not many. The way to catch your ex boyfriend attention is to do the right things in a mature way which definitely will be a more effective way in winning your ex boyfriend back.

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