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How To Get Back With An Ex - Getting and Winning Back Your Ex With My Help      how to handle a break up the smart way without causing hurt to each other
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How To Handle A Break Up The Smart Way Without Causing Hurt To Each Other

9:15 AM - Office meeting
1:30 PM  - Sales presentation
6:00 PM - Break up with my significant other

The above schedule looks kind of funny. Such schedule for a breakup will never happen but sometimes when things need to be done in a relationship, one person need to make the first move. If you wonder how to handle a break up and end a relationship the smart way without causing hurt to each other, this article is the right place for you.

Relationships can end in different ways. First is the dramatic break up. Such break up is sudden and normally involves strong words or actions. Next is the mutual break up where both realized that the relationship is over and it could not possibly go on. It's almost as if it happens by magic. Last of all, there is the slow break up. Such relationship degraded over time and turns sour. The sad thing is that neither party may even know they are headed for a break up until it's far too late.

So, how to handle a break up and end a bad relationship without either party getting hurt?

The first thing you need to do is to find out why you want to break up. Do not always think that the first reason you come up with is the real reason. You should instead find out the underlying cause of wanting to break up. Having a clear and accurate idea of why you're breaking up will make the process go smoother for both parties. That's because you will be operating from a position of honesty, and that's key.

Make an appointment at the convenience for both of you and if possible, discuss the matter face to face. Such problem should never be handled via e-mail or over the telephone. Unless the relationship is a long distance one, it is better you talk face to face with each other.

The smartest thing you should do is to be positive when ending a relationship. You do not need to be enemies just because you want to breakup. You can still treat each other with respect and be nice to one another. Do not ever be defensive, and at the same time do not make the other party defensive too. Be compassionate if the other party happens to cry. At the same time, be aware that it may be an attempt to manipulate you. You can still be nice, but don't let them make you do something you don't really want to do.

On the other hand, getting back with your ex in the near future will most probably be the last thing on your mind. However, this can still be a possibility. By knowing how to handle a break up and ending a relationship the right and smart way, there is still a chance of getting back together at a later stage if this is what you want. Either way, breaking up should not be hard to handle. By following closely the above tips, you can both move on and be happy that you did.

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