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How To Survive A Break Up - Avoiding Love Break Up

Breaking up can be quite a painful experience. However, if you want to know how to survive a break up, you may have to look back and may see signs which you may have not recognized before. If you keep those signs in mind, learn from the experience and prevent any future happenings. Such experiences and observation can also help you in winning back your ex.

Lack Of Physical Contact

Lacking of physical contact, not limited to sex only, could be a sign of a possible breakup that may be coming.  If at some point of time when your partner lack on the interest for sex, it could mean there could be some problem in the relationship. However, it could also be a false alarm as it is natural when there are times when a lot of sex is involved while some time less due to some situation. No matter what, if you treasure the relationship, such sign should be taken note of.

Another sign of a possible love break up is that your partner stops holding your hand for no apparent reason.  Your partner may have stopped putting his/her hand over your shoulder in public when he or she always did it before.  Such sudden change in behavior should also be taken note of if you want to know how to survive a break up.

Being Uncomfortable With The Touch

If your partner started to feel uncomfortable with your touch and tend to move away when you touch him/her, then you may want to have a true heart talk with him/her about what is happening.  Do not assume that everything is ok.  There can be many factors why a person does not want to be touched.  

As an example, the person can be deeply engrossed and thinking of some matters and got startled by the touch. On the other hand, he/she may see the touch as a signal for sex but he/she is not in the mood. These can be some factors why your partner does not want to be touched. However, do not ever rule out the fact that your partner may become less interested in you too and that could be a sign of a love break up.

Just be mindful of such change in behavior. See whether such behavior are just occasional or is it a permanent part of the person’s make up.

Do Your Partner Lie Too?

If you find that your partner lie quite often, it could be another sign of a relationship problem. Even if it could be a harmless lie, why does she/he need to do so? So, if you want to know how to survive a break up, take care of all the signs mentioned and you can try to take necessary actions to prevent any breakup from happening too.

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