How To Get My Ex Back
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How To Get Back With An Ex - Getting and Winning Back Your Ex With My Help      how to win an ex back knowing whether love still exist
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How To Win An Ex Back - Knowing Whether Love Still Exist

You have invested a lot of time and put in a lot of emotions into the relationship but finally still broke up with your ex boyfriend. If you are looking for ways to know how to win an ex back, then there are certain things that you should know before making this move in winning him back.

Knowing Your Feelings

Before doing anything to win your ex back, you first need to know your true feelings you have for your ex currently. Are you still deeply in love with him? Do you still think a lot of him and really care about how he is doing? Is it because you are just being too comfortable with him like you are with your bed? If comfort is just the only factor that makes you want to find out how to win an ex back, then you should reconsider making this move as such relationship based on comfort can never be good in the long run and you should move on. However, if you still love him deeply, then the next step is to know his feeling for you.

Knowing How He Still Feel About You
The next thing that you need to find out is whether your ex still has the same deep feeling for you like you do for him. If the broke up is due to some small issue or on the moment of anger, then things could still be worked out. However, if he has lost the type of feeling he had with you before, then it could be a better idea to move on, though it could be painful for you initially.

Think Of Why Your Boyfriend Fall In Love With You

Before you go into a relationship with your ex boyfriend, you may be an active person, socializing with your girlfriends, and being involved with many activities that you enjoy. After being attached, you got distance with all these activities and spend more time with him. Such active person in you may be center of attraction to your boyfriend previously to chase after you. Therefore, to know how to win an ex back, you may need to just let go of yourself for a while and go back to the old activities that you used to enjoy before you met your ex boyfriend. This not only give you the time for a break from the relationship for a while to freshen yourself, it can also catch the attention of your ex boyfriend because of your maturity in handling the breakup. Such behavior in handling the breakup can be a plus point in attracting your ex boyfriend and winning back his heart in the “New” you.

Do Not Appear Desperate

Although you know yourself that you may desperately want him back, you should hold back and control your emotion as a guy never like the idea of having a girlfriend who is so immature and not able to handle a relationship. Do not text or call him at all for the first few days to weeks. By pretending to be moving on and accepting the situation, this may make him curious and more attracted to you again. Instead of wasting time and effort like messaging and calling him frequently to beg him get back with you, you should try to make full use of such time to make yourself happy. Go out with friends and shop for the things you like and treat yourself to some good restaurants. You can also try to lose some pounds if you have gained them during the relationship to make yourself look good. Such activities can definitely be beneficial for you in winning your ex boyfriend back.

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