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How To Get Back With An Ex - Getting and Winning Back Your Ex With My Help      how to win back my ex eight things that you should never do
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How To Win Back My Ex - Eight Things That You Should Never Do

If you really want to know “how to win back my ex”, then there are 8 things which you should avoid doing at all cost or else you will make your ex even mad and hate you more.

Below are 8 things you should avoid doing.

Messages And Emails

Do not write emails after emails until it looks like spamming. Your ex will easily delete it without reading if you keep on doing this. Also, stop sending text messages to him/her non-stop as this can also be very annoying. If you have nothing better to do, you should instead calm down and figure what have went wrong in the relationship and find a solution to it.

Calling Your Ex Like Crazy

After the breakup, you may still miss your ex and wanted to talk to her/him very much. However, you should not behave immature and start calling him/her non-stop as this may bug and irritate your ex. You may even get your number blocked by your ex if you over do it.

Keep Reminding Your Ex Of The Promises

You should never start reminding your ex about the promises he/she has made. If you do this, it will end up your ex reminding you back that it is a good idea to leave you in this relationship.

Bothering Your Ex’s New Flame

If you think you are great and keep calling your ex’s new flame, telling her/him that you are the only one your ex love, then you are calling for a permanent end of your relationship and the chances of “how to win back my ex” will basically be zero as you give them the reasons to hate you more.

Trying To Be Close With Your Ex’s Parent

If you try to do this, you are in for another big mistake. You can even cause a conflict between your ex and his/her parent and this can even aggravate the matter and make your ex hate you more.

Trying To Be Close With Your Ex’s Friend - Not A Good Idea Also

You should also never think about bothering your ex’s friends and always trying to find out what your ex is doing. You may even end up losing friends if the group of friends you approached happens to be your friends too.

Calling Your Ex At His/Her Office

If you do this, you may even cause your ex to lose his/her job. This give your ex all the reason to hate you and leave you forever.

Trying To Cause Jealousy

If you are tempted to date your ex’s best friends, thinking that you can cause jealousy, then you are wrong again. You should never do this if you really want to know “how to win back my ex”. Not only you will make your ex hate you more, your ex’s best friend will know finally that you are using him/her to cause jealousy and will definitely leave you too in the end.

Therefore, in order to know “how to win back my ex”, what you should do is to avoid all the above at all cost and start finding the real solution to your relationship problem.

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