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My Boyfriend Want More Space - How To Win Him Back

When you are in a relationship, everything may seems good and perfect initially like a honeymoon period when suddenly things are not as sweet as before and you boyfriend may find that he need more space. If you want to know how to win him back, the article below can definitely help you.

If your boyfriend suddenly told you that he needs some space in the relationship with him, there could be many reasons to this. He may be facing problems like family issues, financial issues or the fear of commitment to the relationship. For whatever reasons why he needs some space, below are some strategies you should know if you want to know how to win him back.

Not Losing Your Pride And Play A Little Hard To Get

If you do not want to lose your pride and still love your boyfriend, you can play hard to get. However, do not overdo it as it may backfire.

 Take The Initiative

If you sense that your boyfriend still loves you but only need some space, give him time. Have occasionally short conversation with him but keep it at a minimum. Brief telephone calls and short messages are 2 good ways to keep in touch and not overwhelming him in the relationship. This way, not only you are in touch with him and give him space, you may also make him realize slowly that he start to miss you when both of you meet less. This is quite a good strategy if you want to know how to win him back.
Rekindle The Flame In The Relationship Again

If everything goes well, your boyfriend may start to date you more often again and you should rekindle the flame in your relationship. Focus only on memories that were sweet and do not bring in any bad experiences that both of you have gone through. Bringing back those bad memories to the conversation again will never help in rekindling the relationship and should be avoided at all cost.

Open Up To Him Again

If your boyfriend starts to show interest in you again, open up to him. However, do not look desperate or else he may take advantage of the situation and play hard to get too. Progress slowly and keep in contact at a minimal for the first few weeks to rekindle the relationship. Again, this can make him miss you more and he may finally decide to start all over again and chase you hot like before.

If you still wonder how to win him back and if he needs some space, the above techniques can definitely come in handy.

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how to win him back
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