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Saving A Relationship - Steps To Help You Save A Sour Relationship

Saving a relationship that has gone sour should be handled with care. If not handled properly, both parties could be hurt badly. Below are some steps you can take to ensure success in getting back with your love one.

Before saving a relationship, first you need to decide whether it is worth it to do it. Although it is still possible to get back together after a breakup, you need to be sure that both parties are willing to work hard and make effort to help save the relationship. Just like it takes two hands to clap, if one party is not willing to be back together, then it may be fruitless if only the other party alone intend to make the effort. Love is reciprocal and will never work one-way.
Recognizing The Core Symptoms That Causes The Break Up

Before you get into the real action in saving a relationship, you need to know the exact reason why such a thing happened. Resolving the core symptoms that caused the break up is the ultimate goal in resolving a relationship.

 As an example, even in a marriage, breakup may occur because of affairs. To see things in a more objective manner, you should solve the core problem of why the affair has occurred. May be it is because of the lack of intimacy that has caused the other party to stray off or there is too less time spent together because of commitment to work which slowly lead to the affair. Therefore, it is vital to solve the core issue and not just focusing on the affair. If both really treasure the relationship and wanted to give the marriage a chance, then they should work towards solving the key problem of the issue. For example, both should find more time with each other. Make it a point to chat at least 30 minutes before sleep. This can slowly help to build up the relationship again.

Of course things cannot be resolved overnight and takes time to let things heal. However, if you resolve the causes of the affair and make an effort to find a solution to it, given time, it can definitely rekindle the flame you once have before the affair.

Open To Discussion

It is important when saving a relationship, both needs to be calm and look at the core of the problem in the relationship.  Once the core issue is identified, both of you need to be open with each other and be open-minded. By opening up with each other, it does not mean the words that anyone said are meant to hurt the other party. It is just a way to show that you still care about the relationship and wanted to resolve the problem. If handled properly and maturely, not only resolving a relationship is possible, it can develop into an even stronger one as time progress.

Saving A Relationship Should Be Ongoing

Saving a relationship is not a onetime process. It takes time and through many cycles of tears and laughing that both of you have to go through before seeing a happy ending to the sour relationship.

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