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Troubled Relationships Advice - Understanding Your Situation

You may find things confusing when you are in a relationship. The relationship may not be a smooth course and you feel that you are not being honest with yourself. All this while, you are just pretending that you are being happy. In fact, you are in fear of what will the next step be. Such signs of troubled relationships can really put a strain on the person and can even damage a relationship. In a relationship, it is very common for one to feel guilty about lying and hiding ones true feelings over the relationship. While there can be a great deal of love in the relationship, there are also a lot of mixed feelings about whether the relationship will work out.

In troubled relationships, it is important that you really know what sort of things that you want and do not want as well. The latter can include not wanting to be abused, ignored or cheated on. On the other hand, example of things that you want to have happen can include things like wanting to grow and develop emotionally. In addition, you may want for romance and excitement in the relationship. Furthermore, you may also one want intellectual and spiritual stimulation, which can include attending outside events and meetings.

Get a list of your wants and desires. Next, you have to go through them thoroughly and identify those which you truly want and do not want. You need to figure out what sort of situation you are in and whether or not it will continue on its track. Observe your partner and try and figure out if they are capable of growth and doing their part to help turn your troubled relationship around. They need to be able to contribute to the repair of the relationship and move it forward.

If things do not turn out well, step back a little so that you could see things clearer. Sometimes it may require that both of you separate temporarily. This way, your partner and you can have some space and spend some time alone to evaluate the situation without distraction. Without having to live together and deal with all of the stresses of being together, both of you will have a clearer head which will provide the basis for a true evaluation of the situation.

What you may find is that the relationship is in such a bad shape that the two of you cannot be together and that you need to end the relationship. Some relationships are not meant to be, and that should not discourage you. There will be someone for you. If you do find that you and your significant other are capable of making things work in your troubled relationship, then make sure that you and your partner are open and communicative. Without communication, it will be more difficult.

Troubled relationships do not necessarily mean that the relationship is over. It means that both of you have to work things out and iron out any issues involved. Only then you can decide whether the relationship could progress further or end.

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