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How To Stay Completely Safe Using Free Online Dating

There are many positive aspects to free online dating.  However it is also very important to protect yourself and your identity from those who might be undesirable and overly persistent.
One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to meet new people and that special someone is through free online dating.  While this is a safer method than going to bars and nightclubs or getting set up on blind dates, there are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself.
Keep it Modest
As we all know a picture is almost mandatory to meet someone using free online dating.   However, avoid posting a picture that is overly erotic or bordering on obscene.  This is a sure way to attract some rather undesirable people who are only interested in sex and not a relationship.  For men, this means keeping your shirt on and your pants loose.  Women should avoid the bikini picture as well as full cleavage shot.  Keep the make up light and the midriff covered.  As a matter of fact, the best picture for both men and women is a head and shoulders only photo.  Keep the facial expression happy with a slight smile and not a heavy grin or any tongue action.  Use a picture your mother would approve of to post on the free online dating site. 
Keep it Clean
When writing your profile, avoid all references to sex.  In addition, keep it clean and avoid swearing or other crude language.  Once again, references to any sexual act or questionable behavior will attract people who will not be appropriate for a long-term relationship.  Instead, keep your profile upbeat and talk of what you like to do when you are with the opposite sex (other than intercourse of course!).  Talk about watching sports together, or going to the movies or hanging out at the bookstore.   Try to avoid mention of partying activities such as drinking or using drugs.  Avoid stating a favorite pastime is going to bars or pool halls on the free online dating site.  
Keep it General
Never, never give out any personal information either in your profile or when chatting or emailing a potential partner.  Keep your full name, phone number, and address to yourself.  Do not mention where you work or any restaurants, bars, nightclubs or stores you frequent.  Avoid any specifics about the car you drive or the area of town you live in.  Do not mention your friends or family by their full name.  Do not give any clues to anyone about how to find you.
Your Email
It might be a good idea to set up a separate email for your free online dating.  Use a generic email site such as hotmail or yahoo and do not use your real name when you set up the email.  You do not want someone to be able to trace you back through your email.
Additional Contact 
As you get to know someone through chatting or emailing each other, once again avoid divulging any personal information.  If the person pushes you for details about your life and your personal information, be very suspicious and cautious.  Someone who is truly interested in you will not push.  Also set up the first few meetings in public places.  If possible, set up the meetings during the day.  Take public transportation if possible.  Also let someone know where you will be and whom you are meeting.  Arrange for a friend to call you during the date to find out if you are OK or not.  Set up a code word ahead of time to let your friend know if you need help.  Never agree to leave the public area for somewhere more intimate.