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Interesting Facts About Dating Websites

In online dating, men and women differ from each other. There are much information you should know about men, women, and their use of free dating websites.

Men And Women In Dating Websites

Since time immemorial, men have always been different compared to women. To some people, men and women are opposites. However, they certainly attract each other. The popularity of dating websites apparently has not changed that fact. Even online, men still differ from women, although they are similar in just one factor: both genders tend to lie when using online dating sites.

For a start, men who date online generally think women are at their most attractive and sexiest stage when they reach the age of 21 years. For women, men who are around 27 years of age are the sexiest. Men get more attractive to women the higher the education they get, whereas women do not get prettier to men’s eyes even if they earn a Master’s or a doctorate degree.

Where Is Fairness?

Who said the world is meant to be fair? The differences of perception men and women have for each other could be great manifestations of this reality. Racial preferences observed in dating websites could be troubling to many people. According to online research, 5% of men from the African-American race prefer to date African-American women. This is compared to 40% of African-American women who prefer not to date white men. About 28% of white women only date white men. The figure is 15% in white men.

It was also found that most Chinese men tend to look for Chinese women when they use online dating websites in finding prospective dates. There is a discrepancy because Chinese women, for their part, do not indicate any preference on race when meeting men online. Thus, most Chinese men online could be focused on dating Chinese women, but such women prefer to date men regardless of race.

Issues About Money

As mentioned, both men and women tend to be liars when using dating websites online. They all lie about their height, age, and income, according to an online research. For instance, men need to earn about $35,000 to $40,000 annually if they are shorter than 5’10”. The shorter they get, the higher their income should be to remain attractive to online women.

If women tend to be more concerned about height and income, men tend to look at women’s mass index and age. Most women who date online initially lie about their vital statistics and age. Sexy women with fit physiques tend to be more attractive more so if they are younger. Aging women tend not to be attractive to online dating men. Thus, they tend to make lies about their ages.

As for dating sites, both men and women prefer free websites more than paid ones. This is logical because everyone these days want to save on costs. Both sexes agree that when it comes to online dating, free websites are far more useful and attractive.