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Listen To Your Instinct On Free Online Dating

Your friend knows you better than anyone else and accepts you for what you are. Can you consider converting your friendship into a long term relationship with help from free online dating?
If your friend and you are the ones who prefer being together after work and during week-ends, you probably have found a partner for yourself. Free online dating sites can help you to analyse and decide whether to take the step of converting your friendship into an emotional relationship.
Is your friend the one?
You risk losing a friend for life if this doesn’t turn out the way you anticipate. Visit free online dating sites and take the help of free counselling or take the advice of a few by putting your quandary on a discussion board. Ponder these issues before you take a step, for one, is your friend nursing a broken heart? If so, it is better to avoid broaching the topic since an agreement brings the risk of you being a rebound involvement that will not last long. A refusal will lead to long term hurt to both of you. Are both of you able to talk about a variety of topics and disagree, fight and resume your discussion? Do you treat each other as equals? Are your habits and opinions similar? Do both of you share views about relationships and are they similar? If the answers are yes, be honest with yourself as to whether you are broaching the topic because you have failed to find anyone else and are keen to fill the void.
Initiating the topic
If you are sure that you would like to alter the nature of your relationship, it is better to be honest about it. On the other hand, you may want to meet a few more people to see how you feel before you decide to initiate a discussion with your friend. Try free online dating sites to exchange mails, talk and widen your friend circle. Work out ways to network and meet more like minded people. You may decide to go ahead and initiate the discussion with tips and links from free online dating sites that help you figure out the best way to open a discussion and carry it through. Once you have brought up the topic, be aware that the nature of your relationship starts to change.
Facing the response
If the response is a refusal and a request for status quo, you are likely to feel hurt. If you have come away from an effort to initiate a difficult topic, you are likely to feel hurt and desperate. Immediately log on to free online dating sites and start communicating with more people rather than wallow in negative feelings. On the other hand, if the response is yes, take tips from the site about managing your relationship and strengthening it. Ensure that you do not take your partner for granted once you have decided to enter into a relationship since that will be the first of the cracks that appear between the two of you. Keep your relationship alive by doing the things you have always loved to and keep your friendship alive on a permanent basis.