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Three Factors To Consider When Choosing Free Internet Dating Sites

Choosing the free Internet dating service can be a real challenge. Knowing the factors to look for can make that choice a little easier.
When you need to find a free Internet dating service, you’ll notice that a quick Google search is going to return a lot of choices. More choices than any one person could ever get through at one time. So what are you going to do to make your search easier? Well, one thing that will help is to have a good idea of what you want in the site. The following three factors – size, cost, and features – should be a good start.
1. Size of the Community
When you’re trying to decide on a free Internet dating site to join, you really want to pay attention to the number of potential matches in the database. Remember the more choices that are available, the better off you are going to be. If the site also lists each person’s last log in date, pay attention to this number as well. Most of the sites leave inactive profiles up indefinitely to plump up their membership.
You might consider doing a search for the type of person you want, if that’s an option. See what comes up. If you’re happy with the results, this site might be a winner. On the other hand, if that’s not available, you might want to read some reviews about the site to look for information on selection.
2. Cost of the Service
Now wait, you’re probably saying, if it’s a free Internet dating site then cost shouldn’t be a factor. That’s not entirely true. Many of the free sites also offer premium services and a la carte extra services that are available. These extra expenses are one of the big ways these places stay in business. There’s nothing wrong with having these choices available but you need to know that what you’re getting for free is worth the effort so you don’t feel pressured into spending more money down the road.
To find cost information, you might have to dig pretty hard, especially at the paid dating sites. The best places to look are in the Frequently Asked Questions pages.
3. Features
Finally, know some of the features you’re hoping to find at the free Internet dating site you finally choose. For example, do you want to choose your own potential partners or have the service do this for you? What types of communication methods do you want to have available: email, chat, instant message, etc.?
You may also want to look into their policies on safety and privacy before making a commitment. These features are just as important with free Internet dating, if not more so, then whether or not the site has a social networking element.
Another feature being added to many of the dating sites today are offline events. In large cities with lots of members, you can sometimes find events being held by the site or sponsored on behalf of the site. Anyone can attend from the service, and the public event can be a great place for a first in-person meeting.