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Top Four Common Free Internet Dating Mistakes

No free internet dating experience is going to be completely perfect but you can reduce your risks by avoiding these four common mistakes made by users.
If you’ve been watching television at any point in the last several years, you’ve probably gotten a bit weepy at all the stories of true love discovered through online dating services. While the good news is that those relationships demonstrate free Internet dating can pay off with real and happy results, they also give the impression that everything is going to be great for you when you embark on your own online dating adventure. Well, it could be if you protect yourself from making the following four common Internet dating errors.
1. Revealing Too Much Too Soon
We’ve all met those people at the office or at a party who can’t wait to sit down with you so they can share all of the intimate details of their life story. They don’t care that you’ve just met and are basically a stranger; they’ll tell you their complete history, including the required dropping of first names as if you knew these people all your life, too.
While that can be annoying in person, it can be dangerous and disastrous when it comes to free Internet dating. For one, you never want to give out much personal information about yourself before you get to know someone much better. We’ll talk about this more below. Second, people want a chance to talk about themselves, too. If you dominate the conversation, they are likely to get bored and to start looking for a quieter ear.
2. Revealing What Isn’t True
A common complaint about free Internet dating is that most of the people about lying about themselves. But let’s be honest: if you meet someone in person for the first time, you might be tempted to embellish a bit as well. You might not be able to lie successfully about your weight or your supposedly muscular build but you could fib about your job title, income level, and marital status pretty easily.
However, if you’re serious about making a legitimate connection, lying is the last thing you want to do. Chances are good that any deception – once discovered – will end the relationship, even if it’s something minor because online relationships require strong trust if they are going to grow and become something more serious.
3. Letting Your Guard Down
Maybe you’ve been really cautious for some time now on the free Internet dating site of your choice but you’ve met someone you really like and want to let down all of the defenses. While that’s a common feeling, you have to resist doing that until you get to know the person better. The moment you stop being careful is the moment you’ll realize how important it was in the first place.
4. Failing to Protect Your Privacy
One of the most important ways to keep those defenses up is by protecting your privacy. That can include everything from not giving out your phone number or full name to making sure the photo you post with your profile doesn’t include any clues to your identity or your whereabouts.