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Top Tips For Safe Meetings Outside Free On Line Dating Sites

That first meeting outside the free on line dating site can be stressful, especially if you really like one another. The tips below can help keep the meeting safe and less awkward.
If you’ve played around with the idea of using free on line dating sites to meet someone, the good news is these services do work. The bad news is that when things do go well, they eventually will lead to the all-important first meeting in person. While that can be a stressful time for both of you, it could also leave you both vulnerable. And that’s why you should follow some easy tips to ensure you both feel comfortable during the meeting.
Neutral Location
Obviously, the first step of planning the meeting is going to be choosing a location. If you’re going to both be traveling, you should locate a spot about midway between the locations and arrange to meet there. Having a neutral location like this will make you both feel a little uneasy but at least neither one of you will have the home court advantage.
Make sure that neutral location is public. Don’t ever plan a first meeting at a hotel room or at your home. Not only are you both asking for trouble because of the obvious issue of sex but because you don’t know one another that well (even if you’ve been speaking online for months through the free on line dating service, you still don’t know each other completely until you can verify in person that what’s been said online is true), you could be risking some problems.
Tell Others about the Plan
Most first meetings with people from free on line dating services are fine. However, in the event that you are on one that does not, you probably want the comfort of knowing others are going to be aware of where you went and who you were with. That way if something does happen to you, authorities will have a starting place to look. And that doesn’t necessarily mean the other person is going to be a killer. You could have a car accident, get stranded somewhere, or end up being robbed by a complete stranger.
Bring Someone Along
From time to time, meetings arranged through free on line dating sites don’t occur because one of the parties got cold feet. This is most frequently because they have lied about some crucial part of information or because they are worried you have. In either case, you don’t want to look like someone who has just been stood up so bring along a friend who can keep you company. Plus, this keeps the first meeting (assuming the person does show up) more casual and offers you a second opinion of the person that can help you decide how to proceed in the relationship.
Pick an Activity
While not necessarily a safety issue, most meetings outside free on line dating sites tend to be a bit awkward, at least initially. By having a planned activity to do, you’ll have an easier time of relaxing and starting to enjoy yourself. Amusement parks, zoos, museums, and similar attractions are all good choices because they are easy places to talk as well.