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Top Tips For Women To Meet Men On A Free Dating Site

With so many men posting to a free dating site, it is important a woman’s profile only attract those men that are right for her.  By following the tips in this article, a women will be able to write the perfect article to attract her perfect man.
Because there are usually more men than women on a free dating site, there are a few tips women should follow to be sure their posting is noticed by the right man.  With so many men out searching for that special someone, a woman can find herself inundated with contacts.  While that may seem flattering and exciting at first, it can mean that special guy who might be “the one” can get overlooked.  The trick is to fine tune your posting to attract only the type of man you want.
The Picture  
Of course your first thought is to take the sexiest, prettiest picture you can find and post it on the free dating site.  If all you are interested in is a clandestine meeting or quickies in a strange hotel room then go right ahead.  If you are looking for a more permanent relationship or for a man who can be a friend as well as a lover, forgo the sex kitten shot.  Have your picture professionally taken from the shoulders on up and post this to the free dating site.  If there is a part of your face you do not like take a full body shot so it is not so obvious or, put that part of your face in the shadows.    Try several different tops out in different colors and styles.  You will usually find one particular color or style is more flattering than others.  Yes it is ok to show off a little cleavage but do not go overboard.  Be sure to smile and look upbeat and happy.  Do not wear heavy dark make up; instead apply your makeup as you would for work or an afternoon out shopping with the girls.  Believe it or not, most men find heavy make up a turn off and prefer the “natural” look.
The Headline
Try to be original with your headline when you write for your free dating site.  The “single white/black female” schtick is boring and very unoriginal.  Try to insert a bit of your personality into your headline.  Be as upbeat as possible and try to insert a little comedy.  You want the man who reads your headline to smile at the very least.  Avoid phrases like “recently divorced”, “newly single”, “back on the market” or anything that indicates you have recently had a relationship end.  This signifies unwanted “baggage” and will scare most men off.  Try and convey a sense of playfulness, excitement, and a joy for living.  Stay away from any negative words in the headline.  
The Profile
Begin your profile with a cheerful hello.  Do not mention and past relationships or the fact that you are newly single.  The first part of your profile should be your favorite things you like to do with a man.  Keep in mind that a man will probably not like to spend his day shopping at Victoria’s Secret or getting a pedicure.  If you honestly like to watch football on a Sunday afternoon, then mention that.  If you enjoy scuba diving or water skiing, include this in the first few lines.   Try and imagine what you truly like to do that a man might enjoy too.  Keep the sex out of the picture or you will open yourself to all sorts of crazies.  Talk a little bit about your life, your job, education etc…  Try not to reveal too much personal information. Only talk about those pieces of information you would tell a stranger at a first meeting when posting to the free dating site.