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Where To Start On Free Dating Websites

Before joining any free dating websites, it is important to make a plan about what you are searching for.   The following article goes through a plan of action you should take before going online to find that special someone.
So you are thinking about joining free dating websites.  Do not be so quick to jump in and join a singles chat line or sign up for a dating website without a plan.  It is best to develop a plan before attempting to make friends online.  You need to determine what it is you are looking for and how far you want a relationship to go before you go searching for someone.
Yes, looks are important to most of us.  This is especially true if we are looking for a relationship that is not likely to get serious as most of these are based on lust and not love.  If you are searching for love, then put looks on the back burner.  What you want to be searching for is personality, character, and compatibility.
Before you go onto free dating websites, sit down with your laptop or an archaic pen and paper.  Make a list of everything you like.   Include in your list everything from your favorite foods to your favorite activities.  List your favorite moves and books, and your favorite activities and hobbies.  Next consider the likes on your list and put them in order of importance in terms of another person.  Ask yourself what is the most important like that you wish to share with someone, then the next important and so on.
Next make a list of everything you dislike or hate.   Include in this list, foods, activities, music, events etc…  Once again list these dislikes in order of the most to the least despised.  You want to make sure that a person of interest does not have one of these dislikes as their favorite things.  And you want to see if anyone has the same dislikes as you as this is a potential mate.  Dislikes are just as important as likes in finding a partner on free dating websites.
The next list to make is what you do and do not like in a person.  Include habits and well as personality traits.  For example, you may not like a type A personality who has to take control of everything, or you might not like the type of person who cannot make a decision about anything and is always willing to follow.  Go through every personality trait you can think of and include it as a plus or a minus on your list.  By knowing what you want in a person, you can prepare yourself when you search the free dating websites.
Safety First
Before joining free dating websites, start a separate email address only for these sites.  Set up the email on a popular site such as hotmail or yahoo.  Do not divulge any personal information when you set up this email if at all possible.  Choose another name than your own for the email address.  When preparing your profile, do not divulge any personal information.  Do not provide your full name, phone number or address.  Avoid providing information about where you work, who you work for, and what kind of car you drive.  You do not want to make it easy for anyone undesirable to find you.